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You can contact me by email or on the rattery's facebook page. I prefer emails so I can easily kept track of your information and what type of rats you are looking for.

Please read over the Rat Knowledge And Common Questions page BEFORE contacting me. It explains a lot; it answers just about every question you could have about rats. It tells you everything you need to know about taking care of rats. Including what type of bedding to use versus what type not to use, what type of food to feed versus what is not a good food, and what cages are a good choice versus what ones are not good at all.

When contacting me about rat adoption please answer the following questions for the application. Please include the answered application questions in your first email to me.

What is your experience with rats?
Rats typically live two to three years. They may live longer. Are you prepared to keep them for their entire lives?
Do you currently have rats? If so, what gender and age? (Please also let me know ahead of time if they have or have had any health problems.)
Do you have any other pets? If so, what kind?
What gender rats are you looking for?
What vet do you use? (Please provide the name of the vet, the clinic they work at, and their phone number.)
What kind of a cage do you have? (Please send in a photo of your cage setup along with the measurements of the cage.)
What will you have in your cage for hides, beds, hammocks, toys, chews, etc.? (Please list in detail or provide photos/links to the items.)
What kind of food and bedding will you use?
How old are you?
What is your phone number?
What members are in you family, how old are they, and what part will they take in the rats' lives? (If you are adopting them for your child/children are you prepared to continue to care for them even if your child loses interest in them?)
If you have a landlord, do they allow rats?

It's perfectly fine if you are a new owner and you can not answer some questions; like the ones about the cage, food, and bedding. Or ones about past/current rats. I am happy to answer any questions you have and teach you all you need to know about owning rats. I love talking about rats and how to care for them and make their lives the best they can be. However if you ask me a questions that I answered on my fact page I will refer you to the fact page to save some time. It answers a bunch of common questions.

If you are under 18 or still live with a parent/guardian I will have to talk to them on the phone to make sure it is ok that you are getting rats.

I require a deposit to hold rats. If you do not want to send in a deposit I can not guarantee there will be babies left. I hunt down homes until every pair has a deposit on them. The deposit is half of the adoption fee. The other part of the adoption fee is due at the time of pickup. People pick babies based on the order that they sent their deposit in. Babies are picked from photos. I take one to two sets of photos of each individual baby. (A set contains 4 to 10 photos of the baby to show their color and unique pattern.) People pick their rats from the baby photos. There is absolutely no picking babies in person. (Since people pick babies in the order they send in their deposit it'd be impossible to have them schedule appointments in that order. Also, I do not let anyone handle any babies except for their own. (I even seperate their babies into a smaller cage before they arrive to make sure there is no contact with other people's babies.) I do this because someone could bring an illness or parasite in and infect all the babies. I can not risk sending home a rat who has just gotten sick or infected with lice. I want to be confident that I am sending home healthy babies. I can't do that if they are all being handled by every person who comes into my rattery.)
I will email you with links to the baby albums when it is your turn to pick. I will tell you which babies are taken and which are available. Please respond in a timely fashion. There are people eagerly awaiting their turn to pick. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of sending the email then I will send a reminder. If I have not received your pick or heard from you in 48 hours (from the first email) then I will send you an email with a deadline time. If I do not have your pick by the dealine time (usually 12 hours after the email) then I will have no choice but to move on to the next person. That will have given you 2.5 days (or more) to pick your babies. It's extremely unfair to the other people waiting to pick their babies. You will still be down for two rats but you will have lost your place in line.
If you do not like any of the available babies then your deposit can be transferred to the next set of litters. Deposits are nonrefundable in most cases. There are few exceptions where they are refundable; it is at a case by case basis and completely at my discretion. Your deposit lets me know you are serious about adopting rats and are fully committed to these little living beings.

I let you know as soon as the babies are born what weekend they will be ready. (If I am unsure, due to their size, I give you two weekends.) I ask that you pick them up on that weekend. They must be picked up on the weekend they are ready. (I can not let them go home early.) If you can not pick them up on the weekend that they are ready then I ask that you pay a fee to cover the costs of their supplies and care. I only factor 5 weeks into their price (If I choose to keep them for 6 weeks I do not increase the adoption fee.). For the extra time I am keeping them I have to house them in a separate cage, pay for food and bedding, care for them, and I have to continue to socialize them every day. Of course if you have only just contacted me on the weekend they are ready and can not come that weekend I understand. But then you will need to come get them the next weekend. Otherwise I will have to charge a fee for every week they are with me there after. Thank you for understanding.

If you own rats I will ask that the day you are coming to the rattery that you wear clothes that your rats have not come in contact with and that you not hold your rats that day. I ask this of all clients who have rats. I also ask that you do not visit a pet store 72 hours prior to visiting my rattery. Pet store rats are often sick and you could easily carry something home on your clothing or in your nasal passage way (like mycoplasma). All of this may seem silly but it is to keep my rattery safe and allows me to continue to have an open (allowing people to come into my home) rattery. Thank you for understanding.

If you use Carefresh bedding, anything like it that uses recycled paper, cedar, or scented bedding then I can not adopt to you. My fact page explains why. (My fact page has a list of beddings that are not acceptable but the list is not all inclusive.)
If you will feed the rats a seed mix or a homemade mix as their main diet then I can not adopt to you. My fact page explains why.
If you have a cage that is too small, an aquarium, or a cage that has wire levels that are not covered then I can not adopt to you. My fact page explains why.
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I love my rats and only want the best for their offspring. My fact page explains why I feel this way and explains the knowledge I have to back up my beliefs. Once you read it and know how harmful Carefresh (and other beddings like it), wire levels, and seed mix as a main diet can be to rats I am sure you will understand and agree.

By adopting my rats you promise that you will keep me informed on the health of the rats. (I would also like to know when they pass away.) I need this information so I can adjust my lines accordingly and keep breeding healthy rats.

If you can not longer keep the rats adopted from me then you promise you will let me know so I can take them back or help find them homes. (I highly prefer to not take back rats when I have babies. I can not risk them getting sick. If I have litters then I will most likely ask you to wait until they are gone to their homes.)
Please visit this page to go over the details of rats being returned. About Me And My Rattery

IMPORTANT. Effective 3/30/2015 - If you show up with the wrong supplies then I have the right to turn you away and not adopt to you. (You may come back the following weekend (remember I ask that you not visit a pet store for at least 72 hours before coming to my rattery so going out that day and buying the supplies does not work) when you have bought the appropriate supplies but you are subject to the fee for picking your rats up late.) When submitting an application you are telling me what supplies you are choosing. I discuss the options with you if you are unsure or if you are choosing an inappropriate supply. So you have ample time and information to get the right supplies. If you change your mind on a supply you need to verify the change with me. (My contact me page, my fact page, and my "Taking Home Your New Baby Rats" information email (it is sent out at least a few days before you come to get your rats.) goes over the kinds of food, beddings, and cages that are appropriate for rats. They also go over what is not appropriate. I do ask you to re-verify your supplies before selecting a pickup time. There should be no reason why you do not have safe supplies.) I can not guarantee the health of any rat nor am I responsible for any rat who is not cared for with the proper supplies.

By contacting me you acknowledge that you have read everything on this page (and the pages I have asked you to read) and that you agree with the terms.

My Contact Information Email [email protected] Please read over my fact page BEFORE contacting me. It will tell you the best options for foods, beddings, cages, and cage accessories / toys along with ones that are not acceptable. Please answer the application questions when contacting me. It will make things faster.
Facebook Page - The Firefly Rattery is on Facebook! Click here to see! (You must have a facebook account to view the facebook page.)
Phone Number - 413.219.0133 Please only call if you have already filled out the application and have talked to me in an email first. (I like to keep records of people's answers to the questions so I can easily look back and answer any questions they may have without having to ask everything all over again.)

This is the email I send out before you take your babies home.

The Firefly Rattery